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Encore Computer Products




Peripheral Products

Secur A Store
892x Disk and Chassis module
Arraid Disk Products
Pertec Tape Drives
CDC Disk Drives

Floppy 5.25" Subsystem replacement - TMG-8088

Floppy replacements for existing 8" or 5.25" floppy units

SMD/E Disk Replacement - SCSI Disk Subsystem - TMG-9661

SCSI Interface replacement for Encore SMD controllers, a SelBUS
that converts SMD commands to SCSI and generates a true SCSI
bus, supports up to 8 devices on one 50pin cable using standard SCSI  disk.

Pertec Tape drive Replacement -  SCSI Tape Subsystem - TMG-9202

SCSI replacement for Pertec tape drives, connect any SCSI device 
  to your existing tape controller, ie zip 250meg, Jaz 2gig, and Optical

CPU/WCS/FPA,  32/55 , 32/77 Replacement - TMG Reality Epoch-90

Encore 32/SeriesTM CPU/IPU replacement board set, replace any 
  32/55, or 3/77 CPU, including the FPA, AND WCS, a 7 to 1 board 


The TMG-2000SM is an extremely valuable maintenance/operations tool for real-time monitoring of total system operation.  Using the TMG2000 Control Console, a technician or operator can quickly and accurately determine the operating status of power supplies, equipment cabinet temperatures, monitor contact inputs and log these for reference.  The built in alarm features will alert the operator of any abnormal condition which should occur during system operation.

Desktop Replacement gigapro
      starting @  $695

DeskNote is the latest advance in computer technology. The DeskNote is a hybrid of a desktop and a notebook with all the best features of both. The DeskNote is designed to be a portable desktop computer that can be used virtually anywhere. The modular design of the DeskNote allows it to be easily upgraded or repaired should any of the components become damaged. Weighing less than 6lbs, the DeskNote is lightweight any easy to carry and store in a convenient carrying case. Because the Desknote uses standard SDRAM memory it can be easily upgraded for a fraction of the price of laptop upgrade.  14.1" TIFF screen

Desktop Replacement P4 1.4 to  2.4GHZ
      starting @ $1,199

The Best Desktop Replacement Solution, powered by Pentium 4: i-Buddie 4 brings you the experience of the ultimate performance in a powerful PC era.Outstanding performance.

Powered by the latest Intel Pentium 4 CPU with support frequencies up to 2.8GHz.
  Supports DDR266/PC2100,(DDR333 verified) Memory. Equipped with one DDR DIMM sockets to support up to 1GB of DDR SDRAM. A huge 15.0" XGA / SXGA+ TFT LCD display, provides high quality visuals and maximum viewing area with 1024x768 / 1400x1050 resolutions


SCSI DISK Copy Station  -   TMGcopy



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