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TMG Reality (EPOCH-90)

The Single Board Replacement for SYSTEM 32 SERIES Computers Mulit-Board CPU'S


    Replacement for 32/55  
    Replacement for 32/75  
    Replacement for 32/77  
    Replaces WCS AND FPA  


  100% Software Compatible 
RTM PSW Mode, or MPX 
PSD Mode
  30% to 70% Performance  
  7 to 1 Board Count Reduction
  Integral Hardware Floating Point Unit
  Optional On-Board WCS
  State-of-the Art Technology
  Lower Power and Cooling Requirements
  Higher MTBF and Lower MTTR
100% Software Compatible  
Whether you are running RTM or MPX on your 32/Series TM system, your application software will operate without modification. 

30% to 70% Performance Increase 
Your application will realize a minimum of 30% increase in CPU/IPU performance. All floating operations will double in Performance.  

7 to 1 Board Count Reduction  
Using state-of-the-art technology, the single board TMG Reality (EPOCH-90) CPU replaces the 32/SeriesTM three-board CPU, two board FPU and two board WCS. 

Integral Hardware Floating Point Unit 
The TMG Reality (EPOCH-90) CPU comes with built-in hardware assist to ensure superior single and double precision floating point operations. 

Optional On-Board WCS 
Space for an optional 8K of WCS is provided on board. TMG can provide this enhancement as needed. 

Lower Maintenance Costs 
The 7 to 1 board and 27 interconnect cable reduction results in much higher MTBF figures and lower MTTR as well as lower power and cooling requirements. 

.*TM Systems 32/Series 32/55, 32/75, 32/77 and SelBUS are trademarks of Encore Computer Corporation Ft. Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A.

Standard Configuration
using 2005 CPU'S
Reduced board count
TMG Reality Configuration 

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