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Pertec tape drive replacement system

TMG-9202 Pertec tape replacement


  Zip, Jaz, Orb or Optical  
Tape subsystem replacement
  Replaces Pertec, Kennedy HP, 
and Cipher tape units
  Supported by MTC, LSTP, and BTP 
  100% Software Compatible
  Portable, Zero Maintenance

The TMG-9202 Tape Subsystem is an extremely economical, totally hardware/software compatible method of upgrading a SEL/Gould/Encore processing system from outdated and difficult to maintain reel to reel tape devices to new state-of-the-art Zip, Jaz  Orb, and Optical  cartridge devices. 

The TMG-9202 is designed to support and SEL/Gould/Encore Class E or F Tape controller(s) presently installed. The TMG-9202 combines a SELBus/Pertec compatible interface, any standard SCSI device, (tape or hard disk) internal cabling, and an integral power supply, into an ergonomic and handsomely designed desktop enclosure. This high quality product immediately provides the user with an extremely dependable tape system upgrade, at a very low cost. 

Tm SELBUS is a Trademark of Encore Computer Corporation Ft. Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A.

Choice of drives

zip drive 250meg Jaz drive 2gig Orb drive 2.2gig Optical 640meg
Media $10 to $25 Media $90 to $100 Media $30 to $45 Media $6 to $30
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