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TMG-9661 SCSI Subsystem

High MTBF, Zero Maintenance  
SCSI Interface replacement for 
Encore SMD Controllers
100% SelBUS Compatible  
100% Increase in Performance  
100% Software Compatible  




The TMG 9661 Disk Subsystem is a simple, economical, totally hardware/software compatible way to upgrade a Gould/SEL/Encore processing system from outdated SMD disk technology to state-of-the-art SCSI devices.

Incorporating a SelBUS TM controller/peripheral subsystem design generating a true SCSI bus, the 9661 provides the user with extended system longevity along with greater throughput and reliability. This extension on a system's life expectancy greatly delays the need to rehost or introduce major architectural system changes in order to employ SCSI technologies.


    Remove the SMD controller and disks   
    Place the TMG 9661P in the same slot  
    Using the same address/priority, connect the SCSI disks

    Load the software  
    Installation is complete!

Cabinet Options:
    Desktop cases
    Disk Caddies  
    Rackount 19"

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