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MPX-32 System Administrator Functions 

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This training will provide a MPX-32 system administrator with the skills necessary to interface with the MPX-32 environment.

Upon completion of the this course, the student will be able to:
bulletImplement proper power on/off, shutdown and restart procedures
bulletPerform media verification on a disk pack
bulletFormat a disk volume
bulletInstall the MPX-32 Operating System
bulletCustomize the MPX-32 environment using COMPRESS and SYSGEN
bulletConfigure user terminal profiles, including MPX.PRO and LONGONFLE
bulletCreate and maintain System Administrator files, including M.Key, M.PRJCT, M.CNTRL, M.MOUNT and M.ACCNT
bulletBuild an installation tape of a customized MPX-32 image
bulletMonitor and maintain volume resources
bulletRecover from or document system problems
bulletInstall, initialize and configure inter-system communications


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