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Encore Computer
8928 Rackmount SCSI Chassis



Holds Up to Four 5-1/4" Form-factor SCSI Devices


Supports Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Single Ended Devices


High Insertion Rate Device Connectors and Power Disconnect Switches


This Chassis Can Be Configured with External Interface Connectors that Utilize Standard SCSI Interface Cables


The Chassis Can Be Supplied with Various Quantities of Single Ended or Differential Adapters (SE/DA) for Use in Remote Peripheral Cabinets


The Chassis Supports One, Two, or Four Individual SCSI Buses


Drive Removability for Security of Data


The Model 8928 SCSI Chassis consists of a 
19-inch rack-mountable SCSI chassis
Subassembly, four SCSI device power supply 
subassemblies, or a mixture of SCSI device 
power supply subassemblies with and without 
SE/DA, filler plates to cover the three right-most 
device slots, SCSI bus internal cables, and a 
SCSI installation kit.

It is available in either 100 - 120 VAC or 200 - 240 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz, The 100 - 120 VAC is for domestic CONCEPT/32 and Encore RSX systems only. The 200 - 210VAC is for international CONCEPT/32 and Encore RSX systems, as well as domestic and international Encore 91 Encore 93, and Infinity 90 Series systems. 

The following hardware prerequisites apply to this product:

bullet7" (4U) of available vertical rack space in a system cabinet designed for peripherals or a peripheral cabinet. The following cabinets are acceptable:

- CONCEPT/32 System Cabinet
- CONCEPT/32 Peripheral Cabinet
- Encore RSX System Cabinet
- Encore 91 Series System Cabinet
- Encore 91 Series, Model 3990,Expansion Cabinet
- Encore 93 Series Peripheral
Expansion Cabinet (PEC)
- Encore Infinity 90 Series Peripheral cabinet

bulletA SCSI Interface Cable and Terminator as defined by Model 7360-aa.

There are no software, firmware, or license prerequisites.

Limitations  -  A maximum of 7 devices per SCSI bus are allowed.

A comprehensive set of documentation is supplied with the system documentation and is 
not a part of this model number.

Model Number  8928-abc
Removable SCSI chassis - holds up to four 5-1/4" form-factor SCSI devices.
Note, suffix numbers (abc) are determined by power, cabinetry, platforms, and bus configurations.

AC (-0) 100 - 120 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz
AC (-1) 200 - 240 VAC @ 50 - 60 Hz

Height 17.70 cm (6.97 in)
Width 48.13 cm (18.95 in)
Depth 67.94 cm (26.75 in)
Weight 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs) mm.  23.8 kg (52.6 lbs) max.




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