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TMG-9661 SCSI Subsystem

High MTBF, Zero Maintenance
SCSI Interface replacement for
Encore SMD Controllers
100% SelBUS Compatible
100% Increase in Performance
100% Software Compatible



The TMG 9661 Disk Subsystem is a simple, economical, totally hardware/software compatible way to upgrade a SEL/Gould/Encore processing system from outdated SMD disk technology to state-of-the-art SCSI devices.

Incorporating a SelBUS TM controller/peripheral subsystem design generating a true SCSI bus, the 9661 provides the user with extended system longevity along with greater throughput and reliability. This extension on a system's life expectancy greatly delays the need to rehost or introduce major architectural system changes in order to employ SCSI technologies.

.TM SelBUS is a Trademark of Encore Computer Corporation
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A.




    Remove the SMD controller and disks  
    Place the TMG 9661P in the same slot  
    Using the same address/priority, connect the SCSI disks  
    Load the software  
    Installation is complete!

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