The DynaMO 640SZI and DynaMO 1300SZI internal SCSI kits are the plug and play desktop solutions for storing your valuable data. No removable media is safer or more rugged than magneto-optical (MO). And no MO drives are easier to install than the DynaMO 640SZI and DynaMO 1300SZI.


bulletRugged, removable, 3.5" MO disks
bulletData transfer rate up to 5.9MB/sec
bulletDust, liquids and magnets do not affect data stored on MO disks
bulletUnlimited rewrite capability on MO disks
bulletDrives are backward compatible with 1.3GB, 640MB, 540MB, 230MB or 128MB
bulletConnect to any PC or Macintosh via a standard SCSI-2 interface

Features DynaMO 640SZI/DynaMO 1300SZI DynaMO 1300SZI
Storage Capacity 128MB 230MB 540MB 640MB 1.3GB
Standard ISO/IEC
Sector capacity 215 Bytes 2048 Bytes
Format 90mm
Data Transfer Rate
Drive-640-SZI 1.1MB/s 1.3-2.1MB/s 2.3-3.9MB/s N/A
Drive-1300-SZI 1.3MB/s 1.6-2.6MB/s 2.9-4.9MB/s 3.4-5.9MB/s
Ultra SCSI 5MB/s (async.), 20MB/s (sync.)
Recording Density (BPI) 24,400 29,300 52,900 89,100
Track Density (TPI) 15,875 18,275 23,090 28,200
Random Seek Time 28ms
Average latency time 83 ms (640)/6.6 ms (1300) 9.3 ms
Rotational speed 3,600RPM (640 SZI) / 4,500RPM (1300SZI)
Recording code 2-7 RLL 1-7 RLL
Load/unload time 7 sec. (640) / sec. (1300) 12 sec.
Buffer size 2 MB
Physical Specifications
Power requirements
    Operating 5.3 W
Ready 4.5 W (640SZI), 3.9 W( 1300SZI)
Sleep 0.9 W (640 SZI), 0.5 W (1300SZI)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 25.4mm x 101.6mm x150mm
Weight 480g (with bezel)
Ambient temperature
Operating 5 - 45° C
Non operating 0 - 50° C
Gradient 15° C/h (operating)
Relative humidity 10% - 85% (non-condensing)
Operating 0.4 G ( 5 to 500 Hz)
Non Operating 1.0 G ( 5 to 500 Hz)
Operating 2.0 G ( 10 ms )
Non Operating 5.0 G ( 10 Ms )
Operating 3,000m
Non Operating 12,000m
Limited Warranty 1 year (from date of purchase) / Includes No Excuses End user Replacement Program

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