ET Fade Text - Example

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<applet code="ET_FadeText.class" width="200" height="60">

<!--New default settings.-->
<param name="B-d-FadeTime" value="1000">
<param name="B-d-StartDelay" value="1000">
<param name="B-d-TextSize" value="50">
<param name="B-d-TextFont" value="Helvetica">

<!--The text items.-->
<param name="B-1-Text" value="Fade">
<param name="B-3-Text" value="Text">

<!--The fade colors.-->
<!--Note that this parameter is required for each fade.-->
<param name="B-1-TextToColor" value="000000">
<param name="B-2-TextToColor" value="ffffff">
<param name="B-3-TextToColor" value="ff0000">
<param name="B-4-TextToColor" value="ffffff">


The source shown above is not exactly the same as for the example, as it assumes that the class files are in the same directory as the html file. The source above also assumes an unregistered applet as it does not have the NumericalKey parameter (this removes the intro text in the applet).

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